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Elder Law

Elder Law

Elder Law refers to a set of skills more than it refers to a specific area of law. Unlike criminal law or contract law, there are no specific statutes or codes that make up Elder Law. The legal problems facing the elderly can come from any area of law. An aging woman considering a move from her house to a nursing home, needs advice about real esate law, tax law and estate planning. A man who has been the victim of nursing home neglect needs a trial lawyer. A good Elder Law practitioner is basically an attorney that you can trust to locate the best representation in each field of law.

Stotis & Baird has lawyers in a number of practice areas. Our trial lawyers have experience in complex injury cases. Our real estate lawyers have experience with all types of real estate transactions. Our estate planning attorneys are skilled at crafting wills and trusts. More importantly, our mission is to coordinate the best possible representation.

Our primary goal is to listen to our clients. Often we meet with seniors in their own home. Initial consultations are always free. Once we understand our client’s goals, we formulate a plan to help them accomplish it.

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Stotis & Baird Elder Lawyers

Stotis & Baird attorneys are knowledgeable about all aspects of elder law, including guardianship, estate planning, nursing home neglect and a variety of other elder law issues.

Eric J. Parker

Eric Parker

Katherine L. Birchok

Katherine Birchok
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