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The lawyers at Stotis & Baird have recovered tens of millions of dollars for their clients. Below are some selected results.

Huang v. City of Chicago

$17,500,000 (Jury Verdict)

Pregnant woman killed when her vehicle was struck by a car fleeing a police officer in a high-speed-chase.

Jones v. Dr. Dedelow, et al

$6,300,000 (Jury Verdict)

Our client’s child suffered brain injuries and eventually death due to doctor’s improper use of medication to stimulate labor.

Conroy v. Sherwin Williams

$4,750,000 (Settlement)

The defendant failed to turn off electricity where client was working. Client had to have a double amputation after suffering severe electrical burns.

McGuigan v. AMC

$4,500,000 (Settlement)

Client suffered a closed-head injury after being thrown from her vehicle during a traffic accident.

Hansen v. Good Shepard Hospital

$3,000,000 (Settlement)

Client’s child suffered brain injury after a delayed emergency C-section.

Fernandez v. Tempel Steel

$2,800,000 (Jury Verdict)

Our client suffered a closed-head injury due to a defective ladder on a construction site.

Artuz v. Michael Reese Hospital

$2,000,000 (Settlement)

Infant suffered mild cerebal palsy as a result of failure to properly monitor labor

Quentere v. City of Chicago

$1,900,000 (Verdict)

Our client, after being arrested by police for negligent driving, was found comatose in a holding cell.

Garza v. American Engineering,

$1,000,000 (Settlement)

Client suffered double traumatic amputation due to faulty safety equipment on construction equipment

Gravitte v. Keller Williams Realtors et al.

$1,800,00 (Jury Verdict)

Client suffered from chronic pain syndrome after falling down stairs in her condominium building.

Sanabria v. Hochstedter, et al.

$1,017,000 (Jury Verdict)

Doctor botched an operation to correct an overbite, causing TMJ problems.

Newkirk v. Kapinski et al.

$600,000 (Settled during trial)

Client suffered a degloving injury in an auto accident.

Poders v AAA Village Limousine, Inc.

$250,000 (Settlement)

Client was rear-ended by a limo driver and suffered a rotator-cuff injury.

Thakkar v. Hiebert

$600,000 (Settlement)

Client suffered brain injury after being rear ended by a truck.

McFadden v. September 11 Victim’s Compensation Fund

$1,400,000 (Judge’s Finding)

Client suffered a closed-head injury during the WTC attacks.

Doe v. Doe

$1,250,000 (Settlement)

Our client, a law school student, was killed in a traffic accident.

Thomas v. E & L Trucking

$750,000 (Verdict)

Driver of a vehicle was cut off and struck by a trailer truck, causing our client extensive cervical spinal injuries and requiring numerous surgeries.

Martinez v Dr. Ampuero

$200,000 (Settlement)

Brachial plexus injury to full term infant due to failure to properly deliver in mother with gestational diabetes

Prosser v. St. John’s Hospital & Dr. Troy

$1,500,000 (Settlement)

Client died after doctor negligently performed an angiogram.

Thomas v. Hosain

$850,000 (Jury Verdict)

Client’s doctors failed to promptly treat an infection, which resulted in death.

Mendez v. Dr. Chow & Suburban Heights Medical Center

$675,000 (Settlement)

Doctor prescribed a drug to our client that causes birth defects without first making sure she was not pregnant, resulting in a 2nd trimester stillbirth.

Jane Doe v. (Name withheld)

$500,000 (Settlement)

Client’s psychologist used hypnosis to induce her into having an affair with him

Yankaway v. (Name withheld)

$800,000 (Settlement)

Client’s bowel was perforated during an appendectomy.

Reidy v Lutheran General Medical Group

$175,800 (Settlement)

Defendants failed to completely remove placenta following cesarean delivery, causing client to need a hysterectomy.

Gwarnicki v. Chicago Police Department

$93,000 (Settlement)

A police officer bumped into our client, who spilled his beer on the officer, resulting in our client’s arrest and facial injuries.

Jones v. Swedish Covenant

$175,000 (Settlement)

Client, a senior citizen, fell in an extended care facility after hospital staff failed to properly monitor her.

Wilson v. Halsted Terrace

$290,000 (Settlement)

Client developed bedsores after nursing home neglected to care for her.

Gollon v. Columbus Cabrini Medical Center

$250,000 (Settlement)

Client’s father suffered a head injury due to a fall when left unattended in his wheelchair.

Colby v. Wojcicki


Successfully defended an heir to her father’s estate over claim of undue influence by her sister.

Morehardt v. (Name Withheld)

$150,000 (Settlement)

Client’s former lawyers failed to prosecute her sexual discrimination suit against her former employer.

Moss v. Nottage & Ward

$100,000 (Settlement)

Client’s lawyer in divorce case caused his portion of the property to be improperly valued.

Beamish/Premier Textiles advs Meridian

$1,000,000 (Settlement)

Our client’s insurance policy lapsed just prior to a fire. We argued that the insurance company had to provide coverage to our client.

Figueroa v Star Charters,

$200,000 (Verdict)

Passenger in a charter bus v. trailer-truck accident suffered a compression fracture of the spine and post-traumatic stress disorder

Justice Lady

Other Civil Litigation

Cox v NFL

Represented all-pro linebacker and forced the NFL to re-write game day security policy for players, and pay costs and attorneys fees for this case.

Appellate Cases

Olk v. T.K. Aviation

243 Ill.App.3d 299, 611 N.E.2d 1144 (1st. Dist.1993)

Won reversal of a defense verdict in a case against an aircraft maintenance company following a small plane crash.

Jones v. Chicago Osteopathic Hospital

316 Ill.App.3d 1121, 738 N.E.2d 542 (1st Dist. 2000)

Successfully affirmed jury verdict for plaintiff for $6.3 million for brain injury and death of a newborn.

Weedon v. Pfizer

332 Ill.App.3d 17, 773 N.E.2d 720(1st. Dist 2002)

Won a reversal of an order granting summary judgment to the manufacturer of a defective chemotherapy catheter.

People v. Kevin Healy

293 Ill.App.3d 684,698 N.E.2d 546 (1st Dist 1997)

Won a reversal and dismissal of a murder conviction based on a violation of the Speedy Trial Act.

Smith v. PACE

323 Ill.App.3d 1067, 753 N.E.2d 353 (1st Dist. 2001)

Won a reversal of an order granting summary judgment to the bus company. Stotis & Baird took over the case after client’s first lawyer made several errors leading to its dismissal.

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