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Auto Accident

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If you are reading this, it is likely that you have been injured by somebody’s negligence. If you have begun the process of trying to recover, you probably also know that the insurance companies are not going to make the process any easier. Hiring an experienced personal injury attorney can be one of the most important things you will do. It can help you to get the treatment you need and ensure that you recover a fair amount for your injuries.

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Automobile accidents generally involve a claim that another person acted negligently or failed to act with adequate care, causing the accident and harm. For example, claims often involve the failure to brake, the failure to keep an adequate lookout, driving to fast for conditions, or the failure to stop at an intersection.


Contact one of the personal injury or wrongful death trial attorneys at Stotis & Baird if you would like to talk about your potential claim.

Auto Accident
Nursing Home Neglect


Nursing homes are supposed to take care of our loved ones when they are no longer able to do so for themselves. They take care of some of our community’s most vulnerable people. Common

nursing home cases involve injuries caused by neglect, such as falls, wandering or elopement, bed and pressure sores, medication errors and failure to protect from safety hazards.


Contact one of the lawyers at Stotis & Baird to discuss a potential nursing home neglect case.


Premises liability cases stem from harm caused by dangerous conditions that exist on the property. The injury and wrongful death trial lawyers at Stotis & Baird have years of experience in representing injured persons and the families of people that have died as the result of dangerous properties. Sometimes these cases are called “slip and fall” or “trip and fall” cases.

Premises Liability
Medical Malpractice


A medical malpractice claim sometimes called a medical negligence claim, involves a claim of harm caused by a doctor or other medical professional or institution. In short, the claim is that the doctor, other professional or institution failed to act as a reasonably well-qualified doctor, other professional or institution would normally act.


Contact one of the trial lawyers at Stotis & Baird if you would like to talk about a potential claim.


When companies design products and put them into the community, they have a duty to make sure that they are reasonably safe when operated in a foreseeable manner. Products liability claims will often require expert testimony from engineers and other people familiar with the standards and protocols with which certain products are built.


Contact one of the product liability attorneys at Stotis & Baird to talk about a potential claim.

Product Liability
Police Liability


The police have a duty to protect and serve our communities. When the police cause harm, by accidental or purposeful conduct, the law provides a remedy for the harm caused.


The lawyers at Stotis & Baird have experience in helping those harmed by the police. Contact one of the trial lawyers at Stotis & Baird if you would like to talk about a potential claim.


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"A while ago I broke my leg while organizing storage bins on my 2nd story shed loft...It had occured to me that the best personal injury attorney is at Stotis and Baird... 30+ miles away. How was I going to travel with my three kids into Chicago... on one leg? I thought that was a huge problem until the attorney, Eric Parker, drove to my home in Buffalo Grove and started the ball rolling. Thank goodness because I had no idea what to do until he knocked on my front door."


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"Car accidents are tough - car damage, physical injuries, overall trauma and stress, detail overload, and more. Eric was terrific as our advocate and provided excellent service from beginning to end."


"Michael Baird helped us in our very difficult case. He is fantastic person and super great attorney. With his experience and knowledge, we finally solved our case and got our money back. Mike and his team did everything to us and we felt very comfortable. This company is very trustworthy."


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